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If you have been charged with prostitution in Maryland, contact a criminal defense lawyer with experience defending prostitution charges.
In Maryland, prostitution is considered to be the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. There are several important definitions regarding prostitution in Maryland.

Allegations of prostitution can affect both a person’s freedom and their reputation in the community. Even though Maryland’s laws concerning prostitution are fairly forgiving, simply being accused of the act can be enough to change someone’s life.

A Rockville prostitution lawyer can help by listening to your side of the story, determine whether an affirmative defense applies, and by representing your interests in court.

When people face charges of promoting prostitution or sex trafficking, the situation becomes much more serious. These allegations are felony level crimes and can almost certainly result in jail time.

Anyone facing these charges needs aggressive representation that will fight back against the prosecution and protect their rights in court. The Law Office of Leon Geller prostitution lawyer can provide this necessary help. Contact us today to learn how we may be able to help you.

You need to defend your rights when you have been accused of a Prostitution. You need to work with our Prostitution attorney in Rockville, MD. The Law Office of Leon A Geller provides you with a Prostitution lawyer that is ready to stand up for your rights during court sessions.

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Prostitution: Offering, or agreeing to engage in sexual contact or sexual penetration for hire.

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Leon Geller has provided quality defense to those charged with Prostitution offenses for nearly 30 years. If you have been charged give Attorney Geller a call today to discuss your case. Call the Law Office of Leon Geller at (301) 309-8001 to learn more about Attorney Geller’s personalized approach to Maryland Prostitution defense.

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Rockville is a city and the county seat of Montgomery County, Maryland, United States, part of the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. The 2010 census tabulated Rockville’s population at 61,209, making it one of the largest communities in Maryland[7] and the third largest location in Montgomery County, after Silver Spring and Germantown.[8]

Rockville, along with neighboring Gaithersburg and Bethesda, is at the core of the Interstate 270 Technology Corridor which is home to numerous software and biotechnology companies as well as several federal government institutions.

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