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Like many states, Maryland is tough on gun crimes. In many cases, simply having a firearm on your person at the time of an arrest automatically means enhanced charges with potentially devastating penalties.

To combat crime, lawmakers in Maryland have tightened gun laws, making it tougher than ever before to lawfully own a handgun. People found in possession of an unregistered weapon can find themselves facing serious consequences.

At the Law Office of Leon Geller, we fight for just results. No one deserves to have their life ruined due a moment’s lapse in judgment, or a police officer’s mistake. We also believe that everyone should be treated equally under the law. Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean your constitutionally-protected rights go out the window. “Innocent until proven guilty” is much more than a convenient slogan or a catchy motto – it is the right of any citizen charged with a criminal offense. With nearly three decades in the courtroom, defending the constitutional rights of people throughout Maryland, Attorney Geller is a fierce champion for defendants’ rights.

We Challenge the Charges Against You

Police officers are supposed to protect and serve. Far too often, however, they trample the rights of the citizens they are charged with protecting. In many cases, gun-related charges are the result of improper and unconstitutional police searches and seizures. If you are the victim of an illegal search or seizure, it’s important to defend your rights. At the Law Office of Leon Geller, we force the prosecution to work very hard to prove its case. When an individual has been charged with a crime due to an unlawful traffic stop, improper pat down search, or other police misconduct, we won’t rest until we get a fair and just outcome.

The Serious Consequences of a Gun-related Conviction

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In many gun-related criminal cases, the defendant is charged with illegal possession of a firearm in addition to other crimes. Because gun laws vary from state to state and change so often, many people simply aren’t aware of the law. Unfortunately, not knowing the law at the time of an alleged offense won’t get you out of a prosecution. This is why it’s imperative to have an experienced weapons crimes lawyer in your corner from the start.

Maryland’s gun laws fall under Title 4 of the Maryland criminal code. This is a lengthy section of the code that pertains specifically to weapons crimes, including handguns, antique firearms, and assault pistols. Title 4 also includes the Uniform Machine Gun Act, which contains strict rules about weapons that qualify as a machine gun.

State law places heavy restrictions on gun ownership. Gun owners in Maryland must register their weapons, and they must obtain a permit before purchasing or carrying a gun. When people run afoul of these laws, they face confiscation of their weapons, fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. Once you have been convicted of a felony in Maryland, you also forfeit your right to own or possess a gun. Clearly, the stakes are extremely high in gun crimes cases, which is why you shouldn’t attempt to handle your defense on your own.

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