Rockville Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews

Rockville, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring & Wheaton, Maryland

Here are a few of my recent successful cases:

My client was on the verge of being deported due to a conviction in a theft case over ten years ago and a conviction for marijuana possession with the intent to distribute from five years ago. I was able to convince the prosecutor to vacate the theft conviction, arguing that the previous defense attorney had failed to inform my client of the potential immigration consequences of the guilty plea. Following a contested hearing in the drug case, the judge vacated the guilty plea, agreeing with my argument that the plea hearing was flawed due to the failure of the judge, assistant state’s attorney or prior defense counsel to properly advise my client of the elements of the charge to which he pled guilty.
When the police pull over a driver for a minor traffic violation, the law requires the officer to promptly give the driver a citation or warning and then let the driver go. I have represented multiple clients who were not promptly served a citation or warning and were charged with possessing drugs found during prolonged stops for which there was no legal justification. I have successfully argued that the evidence found in these cases must be suppressed (thrown out) due to the failure of the police to follow proper procedure.

My client was accused of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct following his refusal to follow a tow truck driver’s order to get out of his car which was about to be towed. Despite the testimony of three police officers, my client was found not guilty on the assault and resisting charges and the state dropped the disorderly charge at the conclusion of a jury trial.
I had a client who was charged with distribution of a controlled substance to an undercover police officer. The case went to jury trial and the undercover cop identified my client and the jury still acquitted him.


“I’m dealing with a problematic tenant who has accused me of doing something I have not done in order to receive financial advantages. I have selected Mr. Geller after interviewing several attorneys. I must admit that this was one of my best decisions. He accepted my case for a very reasonable price and started the process immediately. I was surprised when he called me after only a couple of days and told me that he had successfully dropped the case and that we are now ready to apply for expungement, which is the removal of the criminal charge from my criminal history, making it clean again. The expungement process fee was also included in his price. 🙂 I recommend Mr. Leon Geller to who ever wants to get rid of a problem as soon as possible without any hassle. He truly is wonderful and I’m grateful for making such a smart decision!!”– Shirin T, Rockville

“Mr. Geller has assisted me with three cases. He took the time to clearly explain my position in terms easily understood. Mr. Geller then drove to the scene of the arrest and walked around to get a better sense of exactly what transpired. Leon Geller presents a confident, polished, professional demeanor in court, enhancing his effectiveness. The outcome of all the trials were favorable. His fees are quite reasonable. I highly recommend the services of Leon Geller.” – Donna M., Potomac

“My mother and I were very impressed with the great job Mr. Geller did in defending my son. His professionalism as a defense attorney and his quick response in answering our phone calls and keeping us informed made us realize that we had chosen the right person to defend him. He honestly cares about getting the best outcome for his clients and he is honest about possible outcomes. He worked hard to make sure that the justice system is fair and we are very pleased with the verdicts.” – Brenda J., Upper Marlboro

“I was recently arrested for shoplifting and charged with theft and malicious destruction of property. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and since I had never been arrested before I did not know where to turn. After receiving mailings from multiple lawyers, I found that Attorney Leon Geller’s letter stood out as being well written, thoughtful and reassuring. I was initially reluctant to work with someone who was not a personal referral, so I decided to first meet with two other attorneys whose names were given to me by friends and colleagues. Basically their approach was either, “Let’s wait and see what happens when we show up in court” or “I’ll ask around next month to try and find out who will be prosecuting your case”. Their less than enthusiastic plans instilled neither confidence nor reassurance in me. On the other hand, on the day of my initial consultation with Attorney Geller he had already made efforts to research and find out which prosecutor had been assigned to my case and had also laid out a more proactive and assertive strategy for my defense. His kind, attentive and caring manner immediately put me at ease so much so that we began working together that very day. Within 24 hours he had contacted the prosecutor and made arrangements to present my case. Throughout the entire process I found him to be professional, respectful and committed to providing me with the best possible defense. He continued to keep me updated, addressed my ongoing questions and concerns and responded to my e-mails and phone calls on the same day. Then, within a week, after his persistent and persuasive discussions with the prosecutor, Attorney Leon Geller was able to have a nolle prosequi filed, and the charges against me were dropped….all a full month before my scheduled trial date! All of this is to say that I found Leon Geller to be an outstanding and exceptional attorney who I would highly recommend without hesitation to anyone seeking out a lawyer who would be dedicated and committed to providing the best possible legal defense.” – Ed J., Hyattsville

“I learned of Mr. Geller from an associate, he was very helpful and communicated with me throughout the legal process. His sound advice culminated in a positive resolution of my matter. I cannot say enough about Mr. Geller, if you require legal services in the DMV, he is the person to go to.” – Jamike U., Gaithersburg

“Mr. Geller provided me with an outstanding service with my case in Maryland. I am not a resident of Maryland yet I found myself with a legal situation after visiting the area. Just like you I read the reviews of potential representatives, yet it was actually through word of mouth that I initially learned about Attorney Geller. He was very helpful throughout the judicial process, walking me step by step through the possible outcomes. Without hesitation, Attorney Geller answered every e-mail and returned every phone call, providing me with superior service. I cannot rave enough about the job Attorney Geller did on my case, as he potentially saved my career. If you are looking for legal services in the Maryland, DC, VA area, your search ends here.” – A Google User

“My case had to been one of those cases no one was prepared for. I have been scammed by my boyfriend of one year out my own house after he struck me in the face, he pressed assault charges claiming I abused him in a public place where I a)know the owner b) have witnesses that have seen him hit me. Of course that not all his sister orders a peace order against my 65 yr old landlord who hardly can walk up and down anywhere and wait she swear under oath with a fake name and all this to kick us out of our own home. I was crushed , my home and my belonging which him and his sister stole by the way beware she may go by the name BETTY ANN WELCH and him B. POWELL. who actually knows how many people have suffered their scams. I believed i had a boyfriend whom I thought after a year from being together day after day I would at least know…I came across Mr. Leon Geller letter in the mail offering his services for a low price and when i say a reasonable low price I MEANT IT. Mr. Geller has not only kept in touch but followed up with the state and my witnesses. We beat the protective order and I didn’t even have to testify. Now you know he is a lawyer that loves what he does when not only does he charge you a low price but beats the case without you even testifying. Of course we also beat the assault charge with no questions. I can only tell you how much he actually brought a smile to my face. I even felt suicidal but thanks to my lawyer Mr. Leon Geller. I am 28 single back in school and enjoying my new place. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN” – A Google User

“Attorney Geller is everything one could ask for in legal representation. Prior to the summer of 2011, I had only gotten in minor trouble with the law including one DUI which is when I first met Leon Geller, who is kind, understanding, and hard-working, so that people can have a second chance at life. This is my story. I have dealt with a serious drug addiction for the better part of my twenties, due to a doctor prescribing me habit-forming medications (oxycontin, xanax, adderall) at age 20. After losing my job in May 2011 and failing my courses at the University of Maryland, I committed a string of crimes while under the influence of speed-balls (heroin & cocaine). In total I had 25 charges in Maryland (including several felonies) and was facing serious jail time. Obviously MY main concern was not going to jail, and my second worry was having a felony conviction on my record for the rest of my life, which I knew would destroy the career I’d been working so hard to build. It would also take away any chance I had of being accepted to a decent grad school. On the contrary, Attorney Geller made it clear to me that his #1 concern was my (now almost fatal) drug addiction. He explained that, if I wanted his help on this case I would need to begin rehabilitation & ongoing treatment. Like all addicts, I was stubborn at first, but eventually went into rehab, began attending AA/NA meetings, and got a sponsor. Mr. Geller was in touch with me regularly and received updates on my treatment. He also spoke with the pre-trial office & prosecutors and notified them of my efforts. At times when I thought Mr. Geller was being mean or difficult, it was only because he cared so much about my health and personal safety. When Attorney Geller became reassured I was sober, he attacked this case with a professionalism and fluency that only comes with decades of experience. He knows most of the prosecutors & judges in Montgomery County very well, and has a good rapport with them. In the end, the case was resolved with better results than I could have ever hoped for. I am enrolled in school again, and have a great job. In addition, Mr. Geller still calls to check up on me! If it weren’t for his counsel, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be writing this tonight, because I’d likely be dead. Whether you are dealing with a single minor offense, a DUI, or multiple felonies, you should make sure Attorney Leon Geller is with you in the courtroom. Not only will you have confidence in your future. …’ll sleep at night 🙂 ” – A Google User

“I can’t say enough of Mr. Leon Geller Defense. Ever since my first phone contact, he was on vacation out of state, but he call me back and book and appointment for a free consultation. He patiently listened the nightmare I just went through and put my mind on ease. (I was arrested for second degree assault and was facing 10 years of my life in jail….wouaou.) He even met with me and my witness and gave me a peace of mind. Attorney Leon Geller was unbelievable. He is extremely smart, confident, professional and always available. He fought so hard for my case, even though sometimes I was ready to just give up. He knows his way around the courthouse in and out. Mr. Geller was extremely impressive in court, reflecting his obvious knowledge in his field of expertise. Mr. Geller almost crushed the prosecutor in this case. And the outcome of my case… Well, I was acquitted. NOT GULTY. He saved my nursing license and my job. It was my first time ever in a court room and I was nervous, but Mr. Geller ‘s calm, professional and friendly disposition helped put me and my witness at ease. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needs the services of a good attorney, I believe he is the best in the Rockville area.” – A Google User

“Leon Geller had helped me with two cases which will soon be expunged from my record. He always exemplifies a wonderful combination of knowing the law as well as caring about the human being. I highly recommend Attorney Geller whatever your legal needs may be. He is the very best!” – A Google User