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What is careless driving in Maryland? Actually, it depends on who you ask and is entirely open to interpretation. In some cases, reckless driving is a charge that occurs when one party is faulted for causing an accident, perhaps because of speed, erratic lane changes, or aggressive driving. But every story has more than one side, and the best way to protect yourself against any traffic violation charge is with the help of an experienced attorney.

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Examples of Careless Driving

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You may be charged with careless or reckless driving if you cause an accident resulting in serious injury or death. This offense often goes along with other criminal charges such as DUI or DWI, and it may also be applied to activities such as texting while driving, which is itself a violation in Maryland. It is important to remember that behavioral assessments are subjective and, in many cases, what is viewed as careless by one party is not necessarily a violation of the law.

A charge of reckless driving can come with jail time, fines, points on one’s insurance, license suspension, and other serious penalties. The best way to protect yourself against these penalties is with the help of a Maryland reckless driver defense attorney.

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