Understanding Maryland Firework Laws

Rockville, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring & Wheaton, Maryland

Maryland Firework LawsThe use of personal fireworks is illegal in the state of Maryland. As of 2014, private individuals igniting fireworks without a permit from the State Fire Marshall may face misdemeanor charges and fines of $250. The sale of fireworks is also a misdemeanor, but comes with fines up to $1,000. These fines are subject to change in future years.

According to the website of Baltimore Country, “Any hand-held or ground-based device that creates an explosion, detonation, loud noise, that launches a projectile or moves along the ground under its own power is illegal in Baltimore County and elsewhere.”

A complete list of banned devise can be found on the Maryland State Police website.

Protecting Your Rights this Fourth of July

While letting off fireworks is a misdemeanor, it can attract the attention of law enforcement – and that type of attention may lead to additional charges. Remember, you have specific rights protecting how you are treated when approached by law enforcement, even if you are being approached for a known violation such as setting off fireworks.

If you are arrested for a felony or misdemeanor this Fourth of July, it is important to keep a level head and contact our experienced criminal defense attorney right away. Attorney Geller can take immediate steps to protect you against unfair treatment and help ensure the most positive outcome possible.

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