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SPIDREThe State Police Impaired Driving Effort (SPIDRE) is a comprehensive program designed to increase enforcement and enhance prosecution in DUI/DWI cases. July marks the one year anniversary of this program and, according to Maryland State Police, it has been a tremendous success.

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What to do When Stopped by SPIDRE

SPIDRE may be an “elite task force” with the sole intent of stopping intoxicated drivers, but these state troopers are not above the law. They can request you undergo field sobriety testing or submit to a Breathalyzer, but you maintain the right to refuse.

You also have a right to refuse to answer any questions you feel may be leading you to incriminate yourself and to request the presence of a DUI lawyer if arrested. You can remain firm in your request to have an attorney present, but remain as civil as possible at all times when dealing with police.

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