7 Things to Know About Expungement in Maryland

In the event that you have recently been arrested for and convicted of a crime in Maryland, there’s no doubt that you are thinking about the far reaching implications of this conviction on your record.

Any individual who has gone through the criminal justice system and is now dealing with the impact of moving on with their life may be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect that their criminal record can haunt them for many years. Read More

What You Need to Know About Domestic Violence Arrest in Maryland

It can be unnerving and frustrating to be arrested for domestic violence in Maryland, particularly when you are not expecting someone that you know to allege these charges against you.

How you handle this situation is critically important. It is vital that you reach out to an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. This may be the only way to protect your rights and help you going forward. Read More

Is Stop and Frisk Legal?

“Stop and frisk” police searches have been in the news lately, and there is a great deal of confusion surrounding these types of searches and their legality.

Any police stop has the potential to compromise a person’s rights under federal or state law. If you suspect a police search or arrest violated your rights, don’t wait to speak to a Maryland criminal defense lawyer. The outcome of your case depends on getting an experienced lawyer on your side from the start. Read More