Labor Day Weekend DUI Checkpoints

Rockville, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring & Wheaton, Maryland

Labor Day weekend is coming up and with it will come an increase in DUI checkpoints. It is very important that you understand your rights if you are pulled over for DUI or before entering a checkpoint this weekend. It is equally important that you call Rockville DUI attorney Leon Geller at (301) 309-8001 if you are facing charges of driving under the influence.

Your Rights
DUI checkpoints in Maryland must be advertised through local media such as newspapers, radio, and online. Even sober drivers can face hassles and false-positives on DUI field tests. To avoid these problems, try to avoid checkpoints whenever possible this weekend.

If you see a checkpoint, you can turn around before you enter it. This act alone is not enough for police to pull a person over in Maryland. If you are pulled over for turning around prior to entering a checkpoint, your case may be thrown out. This is something that is best discussed with Attorney Geller during your free initial consultation.

If you are arrested or charged with DUI at a checkpoint or while pulled over, it is important that you exercise your right to an attorney right away. Please call (301) 309-8001 or contact the Law Offices of Leon Geller online to schedule your free consultation today.