Derwood-Redland Area DUI Attorney to Attend Three Day Course at Harvard

Derwood-Redland Area DUI Attorney to Attend Three Day Course at Harvard

Between July 18 and July 20 of this year, Rockville criminal and traffic attorney Leon Geller will be attending the Summer Session Curriculum in DUI Defense Law conducted at Harvard Law School, hosted annually by the National College for DUI Defense. Attorney Geller has previously attended this seminar in 2016 and 2018, and has had the pleasure of meeting, gaining and sharing knowledge with numerous DUI attorneys from across the country.

This year’s curriculum is called “From Voir Dire to Verdict,” and will take the attending attorneys through a DUI trial from the start to the finish, providing them with the tools they need to sharpen their trial skills. The 3-day course features lectures from some of the nations’ top DUI trial lawyers. Legendary Texas attorney Rusty Hardin will be this year’s keynote speaker. Attorney Geller will also have the opportunity to participate in intensive, hands-on activities to further hone his own abilities and communicate his cases more effectively. Specifically, there will be four separate workshops on individual trial components, taking the attorneys through an in-depth look at each part of the trial process.


Even after litigating DUI cases for 30 years, Attorney Geller’s aim is to continue learning from the very best in his field so that he can better represent his clients all over Maryland, including Derwood and Redland areas.  You can contact Attorney Leon Geller for your DUI-DWI traffic case at:

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