3 Key Decisions by Criminal or Traffic Offense Defendants in Rockville MD

3 Key Decisions by Criminal-Traffic Offense Defendants in Rockville, MD

In his 30 years of practicing law, Rockville criminal and traffic attorney Leon Geller has been approached by many individuals who state things like, “I didn’t want to take the plea, but my previous attorney made me.” At the Law Office of Leon Geller, it is important that the client knows they have control over their case. It is the attorney’s role to present the client with all of the options and guide them in making their decision.

There are three choices the client will have to make when moving through the criminal justice system:

Plea vs. Trial in Rockville, MD

One of the most basic rights in the criminal justice system is the right to a trial.  In most cases, the prosecutor will make a plea offer. Attorney Leon Gellers thoroughly reviews plea offers with his clients. He also reviews the evidence to determine whether or not the prosecutor can prove the case. After Attorney Leon Geller presents the options, the client decides if they want to accept the plea or decline and proceed to trial.  In the District Court for all Maryland counties, any trial is before a judge. In the Circuit Court, a defendant has the option to choose a jury.

Judge vs. Jury in Rockville, MD

If a client wishes to have a trial, they next have to decide if they would like a jury trial or a bench trial. In a jury trial, there are generally 12 people from the community that decide the case. Whatever the verdict, all jurors must unanimously agree. In a bench trial, a single judge decides the case.

Testify vs. Remain Silent in Rockville, MD

Finally, if a client chooses to have a trial, the third decision will be whether or not they testify. In criminal cases, the defendant has the right to remain silent. If the client does choose to testify, attorney Leon Geller will walk them through their testimony beforehand and make sure the client is prepared not only for questions that attorney Leon Geller will ask, but also for questions raised by the prosecutor during cross examination.

Whether the client is charged with a DUI, drug possession, or any other criminal offense, it is the attorney’s duty to guide and inform the client, but not to make the final decision. The client is encouraged to ask for advice, but must ultimately make their own choice in how their case is handled.

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