A DUI in Maryland. Can I Go to Jail?

Being arrested for DUI in Maryland is an unnerving experience and one that requires that you have your wits about you and understand your rights. Unfortunately the process of being arrested and being accused of DUI can throw you off balance and lead you to be confused about your future.

Consulting with an experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible can help protect you from the negative implications of being convicted of DUI.

A DUI is a serious matter that can have an impact on your future. Taking action immediately is the only way to make sure someone is looking out for you.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer may be the only person you can trust during this overwhelming time. Your future counts and you do have rights, so don’t minimize the situation and expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

The Many Implications of a DUI Conviction

This includes criminal consequences and penalties associated with your case, even if this is your first time ever being accused or charged with DUI. A first time DWI, or DUI, offense in Maryland can carry administrative and criminal penalties.

DUI is classified as situations in which the driver’s blood alcohol content is .08 or higher, whereas DWI is classified as a situation where the driver’s BAC is between .04 and .08. Understanding potential penalties, defense methods and the charges you are facing is essential only after you’ve consulted with the right Maryland criminal defense attorney.

Administrative Penalties

for a first offense DUI this carries an administrative license suspension of up to six months and some regulations regarding how you can get your license reinstated after the suspension period. For a first offense DWI, you will lose your administrative license for six months and getting this reinstated may require going through an abuse assessment and treatment program.

In certain situations an ignition interlock device may also be required. There are no mandatory minimum periods of incarceration for DWI but you could be looking at up to two months in jail.

Next Steps When Arrested for DUI/DWI in Maryland

In the event that you are transporting a minor at the time you are arrested for DWI however, you could be looking at up to six months in jail. Likewise, a first offense DUI doesn’t carry a mandatory minimum period of incarceration but you could be looking at up to a year in jail.

In the event that you are transporting a minor in the vehicle at the time, you could be looking at up to two years in jail. Fines may also be associated with being accused of a DUI. Speaking to an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after you have been accused of DUI is imperative.

Should I Talk to the Police?

Speaking to the police officers might seem like the right thing to do and the officers may even encourage this behavior in order to get you to talk and provide more information.

The only person who can protect you after you’ve been accused of a DUI in Maryland is an experienced criminal defense attorney. Simply put, there is too much on the line for your future to compromise this by saying the wrong thing to the police officers and having it come back to haunt you later. The only way to protect your rights is to remain silent and request the opportunity to talk to your attorney as soon as possible.

You have constitutional rights and your lawyer can help evaluate your case as soon as possible after you’ve been arrested to determine whether or not the police made any mistakes and violated your rights.

Get Help from Maryland DUI Defense Attorney Today

Your attorney can also keep you informed as to the best options available to you at any point in time so that you can make an informed decision about your future. You should never hesitate to reach out to a lawyer you can trust as soon as you have been accused of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated.

These situations can carry serious penalties in Maryland and the only way to protect your future is to work with a lawyer who will advocate on your behalf from the very beginning.

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