7 Things to Know About Expungement in Maryland

Expungement in MarylandIn the event that you have recently been arrested for and convicted of a crime in Maryland, there’s no doubt that you are thinking about the far reaching implications of this conviction on your record.

Any individual who has gone through the criminal justice system and is now dealing with the impact of moving on with their life may be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect that their criminal record can haunt them for many years.

For example, in the event that you apply for a job and an employer runs a background check, they may discover your history and be hesitant about hiring you and thus choose someone else for the job.

Likewise, your ability to apply for a loan or filling out a rental application with a landlord could block you from being able to obtain housing. Since housing and income opportunities are so important for every individual living in Maryland, you may be considering getting your record expunged so that you can answer that you have never been convicted of a crime.

Before initiating an expungement, you should have a meeting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Maryland. It’s important to remember that not every case is eligible for expungement and your attorney can tell you more about whether you meet the qualifications.

Having your criminal record cleared has the potential to shape your future dramatically, so you should never start this process without first having a dedicated criminal attorney who cares.

A lawyer can help you start the procedure for an expungement and you’re much more likely to achieve success when you have a lawyer who knows and works with these matters on a regular basis.

You Can Receive an Expungement If You Were Charged with a Crime but Never Convicted

Your record could be expunged if the court placed your case on the stet docket, the charges against you were ultimately dismissed, were dropped, you were found not guilty, or if you were placed on probation without judgement.

You Can Receive an Expungement If You Were Convicted of Certain Crimes

You may be eligible to expunge your case in the situation that the Maryland Governor gave you a full pardon. Minor nuisance crimes are the exception to this because they do not require a pardon from the governor. It’s a good idea to contact an attorney for an expungement to discuss your rights.

An attorney can tell you more about the expungement process and rules. Given that there’s so much on the line when you are trying to clear your name and be able to move forward with a positive future, the right lawyer can make a big difference in how the expungement is handled and in your own understanding of the situation.

Your lawyer should explain to you everything you need to know about this process of getting your records expunged so that you can have a fresh start and a new future.

Probation Before Judgement May Be Expunged in Certain Situations

You may be eligible to have your record expunged if you received a probation before judgment. You can expunge your case 3 years after the disposition date or after being discharged from probation, whichever is later.

You cannot have been convicted of any crime during the 3 year period immediately following the entry of the probation before judgment. As with all expungements, you cannot file if you have any open criminal cases. The right criminal defense attorney can make a big difference on how your expungement is handled.

There Are Many Reasons to Get an Expungement

Some of the primary reasons for getting your record expunged include getting more credit, education, housing, and employment opportunities. The majority of universities, for example, require applicants to disclose prior criminal history, and an employer may be tempted to discriminate against someone with a criminal record.

Get Help from Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

There’s no doubt that you want to be clear how this will actually affect your future before you decide to move forward and contact an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney to help you with the process. It’s natural to have many questions and want to be clear about your next steps going forward and a lawyer can help.

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