3 Key Decisions by Criminal-Traffic Offense Defendants

In his 30 years of practicing law, Rockville area criminal and traffic attorney Leon Geller has been representing criminal-traffic offense defendants. He has been approached by many individuals who state things such as, “I didn’t want to take the plea, but my previous attorney made me.” At the Law Office of Leon Geller, it is important the client knows they have control over their case. It is the attorney’s role to present the client with all of the options and guide them in making their decision. Read More

DUI Attorney to Attend Three Day Course at Harvard

Three Day Course at Harvard

Between July 18 and July 20 of this year, North Potomac-Darnestown, North Bethesda-Garrett Park, Kensington, Gaithersburg, and Derwood-Redland area criminal and traffic attorney Leon Geller based in Rockville, Maryland will be attending the three day course at Harvard Law School. It is a Summer Session Curriculum in DUI Defense Law. It is hosted annually by the National College for DUI Defense. Attorney Geller has previously attended this seminar in 2016 and 2018, and has had the pleasure of meeting, gaining, and sharing knowledge with numerous DUI attorneys from across the country. Read More

3 Important Things To Remember When Pulled Over For a DUI

Blowing off a little steam now and then is important. If you have too much stress in your life, it may end in very negative health consequences. For some people, going out and having a few drinks is an excellent way to leave the stress of their daily lives behind. However, being pulled over while under the influence can be a very stressful situation. Read More

Violating Your Probation Can Lead to More Time in Jail

Being arrested and charged with a felony or misdemeanor can be a very scary experience. There are many different factors that will contribute to the type of sentence levied against you for your crimes. Having the right Rockville Probation Violation Lawyer on your side is essential when trying to stay out of jail. In some instances, the judge in your case will show a little mercy and will let you out on probation. There are a variety of things you will need to know about probation and the violations that may put you behind bars. Read More