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Since 1988, Attorney Leon A. Geller has been defending people accused of misdemeanors, felonies, and traffic violations, including DWI and DUI. As an experienced Rockville criminal defense lawyer and DUI defense lawyer Geller cares deeply about his clients and their right to have their side of the story told in court. As a solo practitioner, he will be handling every aspect of your case, from interviews to investigations to court appearances.

If you have been charged with a crime in Maryland, please contact the Law Office of Leon A. Geller or call 301-309-8001 to set up a free criminal defense
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Attorney Geller has been described as caring, honest, and hard-working by his clients. He believes a thorough defense does not have to be an expensive one, so his fees are reasonable. In criminal defense cases, when diversion programs are not available, it is the client who decides whether to have a trial or to plead guilty, whether to testify or not, and whether to request a trial in front of a judge or a jury. Attorney Geller sees his role as investigating the facts of the case, researching the law, and providing information to his clients to help them make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Attorney Geller is a compassionate and tireless advocate for his clients. At the Law Office of Leon A. Geller, your lawyer will handle your case appropriately. For example, in cases where his client is not a U.S. citizen, Attorney Geller consults with an experienced immigration lawyer to ensure that potential immigration consequences are known and, to the greatest extent possible, avoided.

Your defense strategy begins the moment Attorney Geller is hired to take your case. Upon meeting with you during your free criminal defense consultation, you can rest assured that he is taking your rights seriously and will focus on helping you through this difficult time in your life.

If you have been charged with a crime, please speak with experienced Rockville criminal defense attorney Leon A. Geller. Attorney Geller serves Montgomery County, including Rockville, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, and Wheaton, as well as surrounding counties.

Wuya L
Wuya L
19:16 12 Feb 20
Mr Geller's professionalism was beyond expectation. He's very experienced, knowledgeable and nonjudgemental.My cases were a complicated one, a traffic and criminal charges. I had never been in trouble with the law before so I was very nervous of the potential consequences, but Mr Geller calmed me down and gave me confidence and obtain a favorable outcome of which charges were dropped. He was with me every step of the way, explaining every detail making sure i understand what was going on and was very responsive to all my questions and concerns.The best attonery in montgomery county and i highly recommend his service. You'll never regret it.Thank you Mr Geller! Such selfless and down to earth person like you is hard to find these days. May God richly reward you for all that you do!read more
Neeraj Bajaj
Neeraj Bajaj
14:34 16 Dec 19
Mr. Geller is experienced, intelligent and a diligent attorney. He takes a lot of notes (this comes in handy when you are in trial and he needs to make objections on your behalf). During my trial he raised objections at lightning speed so that opinions or inadmissible statements (like hearsay) would not be considered. A lot of prosecutors do whatever tactic is necessary to find you guilty. It is Mr. Geller who is looking out for you at every step of the way. Throughout the process (trial and pre-trial), Mr. Geller is a professional and his work is thorough. I would recommend Mr. Geller to my friends and family. Believe me: You want to have Leon Geller on your side. He is the real deal!Mr. Geller Thank You!!!read more
Ankur Sarin
Ankur Sarin
16:57 12 Dec 19
My situation was unique as I am a VA resident but the incident occurred in Rockville, MD. I was involved in a motor vehicle incident where I hit 2 parked cars and a pole. I had 6 very serious charges against me . Mr. Geller provided me with a 1 hour free consultation and I hired him on the spot. He was always responsive by phone and email. Even the discovery came in we were able to meet on a Sunday which was very accommodating given my work schedule. He found small details in the discovery...he is very knowledgeable. We went to court in late November and I received a very favorable outcome. In December we went to the MVA hearing and Mr Geller convinced the judge to keep my driving privlages in MD on a restricted basis which was very important since I live in VA but work in MD. I had never been in trouble with the law before this, and I was very nervous of the potential consequences, but I know with Mr Geller on my side he would deliver favorable results. If your looking to hire an attorney in MD look no furtherread more
15:46 22 Nov 19
Mr. Geller is awesome to work with. From the start he gave me a realistic expectation on my case outcome and updated me with any development throughout the case. I will recommend him to any of my family/friends. Thanks Leon for all your help…....read more
Michelle Barnes-peralta
Michelle Barnes-peralta
00:19 19 Nov 19
Mr.geller is god sent. My husband was charged with two felonies and two. misdemeanors. Even though we new he innocent it was like no one believed him. I contacted Mr. Geller at 7:30 am on a saturday. During our converstion he tried to calm me down to understand what was going on. He then told me to meet him in his office on sunday. After explaining everything that I new about why my husband was charged ,and Mr. Geller eplaining the charges, he went to see my husband that was in jail. He then called to say that he believes my husband and he would help. Need less to say all charges were dropped and are in the process of expungement.I work with lots of attorneys. Mr. Gellar is not the loud mouth, money hungry attorney that most are. He is genuine, kind, gentle, honest god or bad, and most important trust worthy. I would recomend Mr. Geller over all the attorneys I deal with on a daily basis. He is truely a gift from god.read more
Jauhar Hashmi
Jauhar Hashmi
16:22 28 Sep 19
Mr. Geller is top notch lawyer in his field of expertise. My case was difficult but he made it easy. I unfortunately missed my court date but he was able to defend me in my absence and have all charges dropped. His charges are very reasonable compared to other attorneys. I personally vouch for his expertise and costs.read more

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Attorney Geller understands that anyone can make a mistake, and he also understands that innocent people are often wrongly accused of criminal offenses. When a criminal conviction could seriously impact your personal and professional life, you need an attorney who can help you through this often confusing process.

Hiring an experienced Maryland defense attorney can mean the difference between having charges dropped and carrying a criminal conviction on your record. Attorney Geller will work to have your charges dropped, to secure your acceptance into a diversion program or to come to an agreement with the prosecutor to have your charges reduced, depending on the facts of your case. If you are eligible, for no additional charge he will also work to have criminal charges expunged from your record. Attorney Geller has tried and won very difficult cases.


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