History of Miranda Rights

When a young man was picked up by Arizona police on March 13th, 1963 as a suspect in the rape of a teenage girl, little did he know that his case would lead to a significant change in America’s criminal justice system.

Ernesto Arturo Miranda had a troubled childhood and would progressively spend more and more time in reform schools as well as federal and state prisons. His crimes included burglary, auto theft, and, what would be the reason for the landmark decision that carries his name, sex offenses. Read More

Juvenile Court: An Overview

The United States judicial system is divided between adult court and juvenile court. Juvenile court in the United States has some unique features that distinguishes it from its adult counterpart.

Types of Juvenile Court Cases in the United States

In the United States, there are three types of cases that are subject to the jurisdiction of juvenile court. They are: delinquency, dependency, and status offense cases. Read More

7 Things to Know About Expungement in Maryland

In the event that you have recently been arrested for and convicted of a crime in Maryland, there’s no doubt that you are thinking about the far reaching implications of this conviction on your record.

Any individual who has gone through the criminal justice system and is now dealing with the impact of moving on with their life may be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect that their criminal record can haunt them for many years. Read More